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November 5, 2006 at 1:19 am 2 comments


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Hi Natalie,

I’m quite puzzled. Could you explain to me how come what you handed   in as “your”
essay, is found on the web?

I would appreciate a (good) explanation.


I have posted my final essay for reln2310 on my blog  .
I regularly post my work on the  internet on the basis that a) I have posted it on there
after I have  handed in the assignment, it wouldn’t be deemed that I had  plaigairised
it.   b) I thought it would be very unlikely that another  essay would be on the internet
that fat the exact contours of the  essay topic – or would begin with stating the
provided esssay topic.   Further, if you look at the “Most recent posts” sidebar on the
right  of my blog, I have posted the short pieces written for this course,  from week
2-6.  Including, “2006-08-14
4:05:10 am Fundamentalism”, “2006-08-15
2:48:55 am Science and religion: philosophy”, “2006-08-28
1:12:08 am Psychology of Apocalyptic Fundamentalism Review”, “2006-08-29
2:40:04 am Review: Authoritarian or Authority-Minded”.  These were all  posted after
handing my assessment in.  I have also placed other  essays that I have written for other
courses, – for example, the essay  on the holocaust – gypsies, the disabled and
homosexuals, was written  for HIST2704 – Genocide, Persecution, Reonciliation and Revenge.

Further to my defence, it is very difficult to get fully referenced  and lengthy essays
on the internet, for free – aside from sites like,  ‘Religion-Online’, or other free
academic sites.  However, my blog is  obviously not one of these sites, nor have I stolen
articles from any  of these sites.

I post my assessment onto my blog to have an audience wider than  myself and the
appointed marker.  Although not every post is commented  on, it is interesting and
enjoyable to have someone to comment and  perhaps challenge my interpretation on a given

I am sorry if this has caused any confusion.  In future, I will wait  until it is marked
before I post any of my assessment onto my blog.


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North American Protestant Fundamentalism Black Armbad versus White Blindfold: Genocide and Denial in Australian History

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  • 2. Academicism  |  June 19, 2008 at 1:49 pm

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