On The Fluff – ver 1.1

August 28, 2006 at 2:26 am 1 comment

Recently, inaeth (see links) and I had a discussion about neo-paganism and literature.  I was quite suprised to end up discussing rare occult authors with someone who’s blog I came across due to its features on Christian Fundamentalism.  Althouh no insult to inaeth, and not meaning to stipulate on his religiosity (he could  very well be an occultist – I should ask), it occured to me that I have never, in my entire eight months in the online pagan community, seen Robert Anton Wilson or Austin O’Spare discussed.  It’s pretty bloody tragic when lay intellects have a greater knowledge of occult books than the damn occult community.  You see, the problem here is most certainly FLUFF. Now, the term ‘fluff’ or ‘fluffy’ is banded about, willy nilly in the pagan community.  It’s the ultimate insult; the ultimate conversation stopper.  Fluff is something so called ‘serious’ pagans (pagans who believe they are instrinsic practicers of the religion – not pagan who sit on leather arm chairs and smoke tobacco pipes over whisky) abhore and are quick to scream at anyone who professes any kind of naievity.  Yet, these self-same ‘serious pagans’, have a rather limited library of knowlegde.  Or perhaps, they have little interest in discussing texts that are not part of their general repetoir.  You see, the fluff-criers, have an extreme dislike of any occultic text that ventures into the realm of drug induced ASC.  I am beginning to wonder whether or not fluff-crying is a shadow or mirroring phenomenon of fluff itself.


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Psychology of Apocalyptic Fundamentalism Review Review: Authoritarian or Authority-Minded

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  • 1. inaeth  |  August 28, 2006 at 9:39 am

    “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.
    Taste not or drink deep of the Pierian Spring.
    Where shallow drafts intoxicate the brain;
    And drinking deeply sobers us again.” -Alexander Pope

    I do believe that it was Israel Regardie who admonished his readers that if they wanted to study occultism, then they would have to endeavor to undertake the studies of philosophy, epistemology, anatomy, physics, chemistry, psychology, metaphysics (in the philosophical sense), linguistics, Hebrew, English, exegesis of at least two different Holy Scriptures (including Gematria of the Torah), politics, biology, mathematics, calculas (there is a difference), music, and art.

    Having said that, I took him seriously, which is the reason why I have such a hard time with fundies of any stripe, whether they be religious or political.

    As to the fluff, I do believe the term that I read most of the time when I was trolling the boards on AOL (a very long time ago, as now-a-days friends don’t let friends use AOL 🙂 ) was “crystal-rubbing fluff-bunnies”. This type of person usually falls into the category of the teenage girl who bought one book by Silver Ravenwolf and took her at her word rather than investigating every single premise found within the book. Hence, we have a whole generation of consumption oriented adults who are attracted to the promise of power, and not self-enlightenment.

    Of course, this is the whole reason why we have a whole generation of Mega-Churches. The whole premise of most fundie philosophy is predicated on power. Not only is the premise supposed to be of power, but once you start listening to the actual theologies, exegesis, and philosophies of the “Word of Faith” movement preachers (the main group behind the Mega-Church(TM) phenomenon), you realize that it is just a glorified version of the spell happy stereotypical girl that I earlier referenced, with the added bonus of having a whole system of theology behind them declaring that what they are doing is right, and what everyone else is doing is wrong.

    Actually, while I’m rambling on your comments board, I just had a thought to do a comparative analysis between the fundie brand of “faith” and the occultist brand of “magick”. Hmmm, already I’m seeing a contrast between systems that have manipulation built in and a system that has as its only goal self-illumination.

    Gah! I hate this blog! It makes me think too much; and every time I start to think too much, I spend hours lost in Google search results and building a new database to parse out new relationships! 🙂


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